In-Center Hemodialysis


In-center hemodialysis is the most common form of kidney dialysis. You will visit an inpatient center, where you will be hooked up to a special machine that filters blood in place of your kidneys. An access point is created that will allow a special tube to remove blood, filter, and clean the blood. Once cleaned, the blood is returned via a second tube.


Peritoneal Dialysis


Peritoneal dialysis removes waste by using the lining of your stomach as a filter. A cleansing fluid called dialysate is placed into your belly via a catheter. Once filtering is completed, the fluid then leaves your body and returns to a plastic bag that you can then throw away.

Home Hemodialysis


Certain dialysis machines have been developed for use at home. Home hemodialysis may be performed five to seven times each week for around two hours at a time.


Kidney Dialysis Improves Lives


Dialysis provides lifesaving support to those with limited or no kidney function. Nearly 500,000 Americans routinely undergo some type of dialysis, many of whom receive treatment only temporarily until normal functioning resumes or a transplant is available. Advances in technology now make dialysis more convenient and effective than ever before, which is why some treatments can even be enjoyed at home.